sixteen nearly identical drawers

- 2012 -

# 1, line drawing made with masking tape

#2, wooden chest of drawers

#3, large photo print

SIXTEEN NEARLY IDENTICAL DRAWERS, #2, wooden chest of drawers

SIXTEEN NEARLY IDENTICAL DRAWERS, #1, drawing of a chest made with masking tape on the wall. This drawing was used to build an actual chest of drawers (see image above this one), in three dimensions, but retaining the quality of a drawing. The shaky lines of the sketch were precisely followed in building the three dimensional wooden chest; depth was added, and all the drawers were now fully functional.

SIXTEEN NEARLY IDENTICAL DRAWERS, #3, life-size photo print. When the actual three dimensional chest of drawers was finished, a 4 x 5 inch photograph was made of it and then developed and printed. Here the print is presented rolled-up. Installation view Rijksakademie Open 2012.