mountain, mountain (2019 - 2020)

first staging of the visual motifs of the opera 'mountain, mountain' (2019)

o, o, o [the prophets] (2019)

that is not how the ocean works - no (2019)

let them rise (2019)

notes on motion (2019)

neclaces (2019)

Sasia (2019)

holmgang (2019)

Introit (2018)

Le chéval préparé (2018)

Le souci, l'inquiétude, la peur, la frayeur, l'angoisse, la panique (2018)

Super librum cantare | To sing over the book: sketches, notes, sentences, stills  (2018)

A tiny phrase (2017)

All the movements of all the bodies (2017)

The fish are speared in water so I shall surround them with water (2017)

Charging out between the clouds (2017)

Towards a row of flying bullets (2017)

Clouds, en pointe (2017)

It gets smaller only if you let it (2017)

Hill (2017)

Falling of a stone (2017)

Polyphonic vase #3 (2017)

The virtuoso pianist (2017)

Turns. Looking and moving, out of and into the picture (2017)

Small significant bits of scenery (2016)

Vermiste materie in de beeldhouwerwerkplaats * Missing matter in sculptor's studio (2016)

Liminal abstraction (2015)

Compositie voor zwerm en solist * Composition for swarm and soloist (2015)

Thursday aria (2015)

They wore sweaters (2015)

En gras nergens * And grass nowhere (2015)

Polyphonic vases, #1 and #2 (2015)

Falling of a stone, Cambridge (2015)

The order of events (2015)

To wonder at a certain state of things (2015)

Under the aspect of eternity - not touching the ground (2014)

Four strings quartet (2013)

Four strings quartet: Prelude (2013)

Cloud, special effect #2 (2013)

Once upon a particular occasion (2013)

Making waves instead (2012-2013)

     #1 text and performance

     #2 floor relief

     #3 weaving

To give a hand, to let go a hand (2013)

Is she weary or is she resting as she holds a heavy object (2013)

Rhinoceros/Room (2013)

Examing the clouds in a ramshackle flying machine (2013)

Sixteen nearly identical drawers (2012)

10 social situations (2012)

Are you all right (2012)

A way of moving an almost abstract entity in which there is no place for calm (2012)

Composition of mistakes: solo concerto (2012)

Monsters (2012)

A kind of speed that looks like slowness (2012)

Handelingen * Acts (2011)

Fictional tantrums (2011)

     #1 Cameron

     #2 Janine

The picture hangs on the wall like a rifle or a hat (2011)

Sometimes I almost expect to be remembered as a floor (2010)

A dove is a door is rain (2010)

Reading the newspaper (2011)

Suits you (2010)

Quilt of the studio (2009)

A sound of 40 cm (2009)

Tuesday (2008)

Baf ! (2007)

overview of works