vermiste materie in de beeldhouwerwerkplaats

- 2016 -

poplar wood, oil varnish for musical instruments

VERMISTE MATERIE IN DE BEELDHOUWERWERKPLAATS (Missing matter in the sculptor's studio) shows the position of all the stars in the faint constellation now called Sculptor. This constellation was first discovered by the French astronomer Nicolas-Louis de la Caille during his stay at the Cape in 1751-53. He named it l’atelier du sculpteur, the sculptor’s studio. The constellation can only be seen from the southern hemisphere, and lies next to the Whale, or Cetus (an equally small and faint constellation).

Not so long ago I read an article in which was announced that astronomers had discovered ‘missing matter’ in Sculptor’s Studio.

23% of the universe consists of dark matter, 73% is dark energy, and 4% is the stuff that we humans are made of too. Half of that 4% was apparently missing. Until NASA, through X-ray observations, finally located it in the studio of the sculptor.

The wooden sculpture has been made by carefully carving away ‘matter’, leaving in place the position of the stars.